Social links to Vyper


Can we know more what it is Vyper, what it does? Can we get some social links? Thank you.

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Vyper is a programming language that is designed to be an alternative to Solidity, the primary language used for writing smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. Vyper is developed by the Ethereum Foundation and is intended to address some of the security concerns and complexities of Solidity. Vyper's syntax is designed to be more straightforward and easier to read than Solidity's, and it restricts some features of Solidity that can introduce vulnerabilities. For example, Vyper does not allow reentrancy, a common vulnerability in smart contracts that can be exploited by attackers to drain funds from a contract. Vyper also has a built-in unit testing framework that can help developers write more robust and secure smart contracts. As for social links, you can find more information about Vyper on the following links: Vyper's official website: Vyper's GitHub repository: Vyper's Twitter account: These links should provide you with a good starting point to learn more about Vyper and connect with the Vyper community.